About Me

My name is Jessica, but I would much prefer if you call me Jess, or Jessie (But only if we're really close)
I'm 15.
I have brown eyes and hair far too dark for my pale complexion.
I like most things alive and furry, and I say most things because I for one do not particularly appreciate microorganisms that grow on food whilst I am away on holiday.
I really like reading poetry and writing poetry. 
I can play guitar, I'm no musical maestro, but I can play the odd tune.
My music taste varies probably every eight months, but right now it's mainly:

I have a cat, but she hates everything, including me. She sometimes lets me pick her up, but I have to reward her with food for that. 

I like making short videos and weird little sketches and editing them to show my friends. 

When I'm older, I would love to be an English teacher, a radio presenter and DJ, a journalist or an actress or director.

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