Sunday, 29 September 2013

Rings Around Saturn...I mean Carlingford

On the 16th and 17th of September, TY's were packed up and driven to the Carlingford Adventure Centre in Co. Louth. Let me tell you, I have taken a strong disliking to hill walking and the rain.

So we left at 7am, and we drove up to Louth. The bus was filled with an unsettled mix of tiredness and excitement as the signs for Carlingford appeared on the edge of the road.
The first thing we did was get a health and safety talk in the centre. Then we got kitted out for the Laser Combat, which was without a doubt, the best part of the whole trip. I would have paid just to do that, and to stay overnight. (Because our accommodation was really lovely)
We did field activities in the second half of the first day, after a hot lunch. They were teamwork exercises and our leader was very cool. She enjoyed my attempt at a Scottish accent.
At this stage, I was ready to collapse with tiredness, but the day wasn't over yet. After dinner, there was a night walk, which I didn't enjoy. I dislike walking in general, but uphill, and in the dusk was not my cup of tea. My feet were sore and I was probably the most annoying person walking up that hill because all I did was complain. I don't like the dark, especially when I'm in unknown territory, so I couldn't help it.
The night walk consisted of a game in which we had to follow a rope around the forrest - blindfolded, I might add - and then games in the dark. The walk back down was uncomfortable for me, and there was an optional tunnel that I did not go through, because I felt I would literally collapse with fear.
The night, however was lightened up with a trip to the Chipper and a can of coke, so I suppose that shut me up!

On the second day, after a tiring morning of shuffling around our room and taking turns in the bathroom to change etc, we went back up to the field to do more activities. The rain lowered my mood, no doubt, and I soon found out that my so-called "waterproof jacket" wasn't so waterproof after all. We did archery, body zorbing and a dark maze. I liked the archery, despite my poor aim, and the body zorbing made me uncomfortable. I felt a bit trapped and I couldn't move my arms. I could see the rain droplets on the inside of my zorb and I just didn't like it very much. I didn't take part in the maze, for similar reasons to the outdoor tunnel. I don't like the dark and I don't like cramped spaces, but me and Sarah had a great time sitting on the floor trying to keep warm and listening to the struggles of the rest of them inside the maze.
I began to feel a bit sick as the rain worsened and although we got a mini bus back to the centre for lunch, I didn't have much of an appetite. I knew that kayaking was next, and I have done it before, so I actually wanted to do it, but for my own health and well being of my fellow group members, I didn't go out into the harbor. I was a bit disappointed, but a few other girls didn't go and we had great chats in the centre.

As home time approached, I was suddenly desperate to get back to my own warm bed, and the bus ride home couldn't have been longer. We arrived back at the Petrol Station and my mam was there to bring me home and to hear how I got on.

I think Carlingford was a great experience and a good opportunity to build new relationships with everyone.
I definitely would take it as a learning experience - I learned I hate the rain and I won't be going hill-walking anytime soon. But I also learned that new things can be good, like laser combat in the forest!

See you soon,

Friday, 27 September 2013

Mini-Company in the Milkyway

On Thursday, the 19th of September, Ty's visited the Moat Theatre in Naas for a talk about Mini-Company. We were given tasks to try and develop marketing tactics, brainstorming methods and other things that Mini-Company involves like what type of things we can build a company around, what products sell well, what services are useful and how well innovative products can sell on the market.
We received workbooks to use during our Mini-Co classes too.

I'm looking forward to developing my Mini-Company in my group. We're currently trying to develop an innovative product, because they seem to sell the best.

See you soon!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Comet Castletown & Results

Yesterday, the 12th of September, TY History students were given the opportunity to go to Castletown House. We were told we had to walk there, but the weather was so bad that we ended up getting a bus, which was a huge relief. 
The tour consisted of the whole house with the restored rooms. I had taken the tour many times before, so I was joking with my friends while we were waiting and pretending to give a tour of the stables (with a few true facts I might add!) I said things like
"The 3 pillars to your right are made from Irish limestone, quarried here in the town. The cobblestoned ground is also limestone. We are currently standing in the West wing, and just up above is the dining room which we will see later on the tour. If you just follow me over here, you'll see an original stable that Tom Conolly would have kept his hunting horse in. If you have any questions just ask me at the end of the tour, thank you."
It was a good laugh. 

The day before on Wednesday, we received our Junior Cert Results. I did good and received all honours, which I am proud of. I didn't go "out" to celebrate. Instead I went to a friend's house for a party and had a fab time.

That's all for now.
On Monday, I'll be heading up to Carlingford for two days, and I'm not overly excited, but we'll see how it turns out.


Friday, 6 September 2013

Planet Positive!

This Wednesday, us TY's got the opportunity to have a workshop day. We had 3 different sessions with 3 different people. The first one we had was Positive Parties and that was really fun. We learned how to maintain a positive mental attitude and ways to get positive when there are days that we feel a bit down.
The second session was all about confidence building . It was good, but I preferred the Positive Parties!
The last session we had was a massage class and we learned how to give massages and all about our "oras" and our "energy". It was really relaxing! 
Next week we will be getting our JC results, and I'm a bit nervous, but I did my best in all of the exams.

But don't worry....

Be happy!

Talk soon!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Flying Through Classes

It's the 3rd day in TY and we've already done half of the subjects. My favourite subject last year was English, but we have yet to do that. I love French so far. We have had Home Ec, and we're designing outfits for Junk Kouture. I'm really enjoying TY, and I'm looking forward to music. I'm not nervous coming into school any more, because I know what to expect. The shock factor of being assigned projects has disappeared and I'm working on my Geography and Religion ones.

This week I am looking forward to the workshop on Wednesday and Music class. I have Technology later today, and I am wondering if it is going to differ much from Tech in 3rd year.

See you later!